The photographer does mostly aerial photography but portraits are done occasionally. When scheduling your portrait session, please keep the following points in mind.


Sitting fees are charged for the photographer’s time, film, film processing and other materials and are not refundable. Sitting fees are payable before the photographs are taken. In the case of off-site sitting fees, the fee is payable before the photographer goes to the site.
Please inquire about the prices of prints and print packages at the time the sitting is booked.

The photographer retains the ownership of the negatives and copyright. For accounts paid in full the photographer’s policy in general is to provide a license for reproduction of portraits for personal use of photographs for a period of 3 years. Personal use includes personal promotion such as business cards, publishing in newspapers or magazines and web pages. Depending on the size of reproduction and the use, a photo credit may be required as stated on the license. The license is not transferable.

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