Picture Matting and Framing

l15zz21 Custom framing and matting of photographs and other art work is available through Orchard Photo. Prices depend on the type of frame selected, the number of mats, etc. Please call with a description of your framing needs for a price estimate.

The following prices would apply to a framed photograph in a standard frame with a single mat, clear glass, dust cover and hanging wire. The dimensions are of the photograph. Since the mat overlaps the photograph a little, the visible portion will be a little less. The outside dimensions of the frame will be at least 2 inches larger than the size of the photograph.
8 X 10 Photo
11 X 14 Photo
16 X 20 Photo
30 X 40 Photo

$ 65.00 plus sales tax
$ 80 .00 plus sales tax
$145.00 plus sales tax
Quoted on an individual basis depending on whether
matting is desired, etc. Large profile frames are
recommended for this size.

Unframed prints are priced as noted below. Special finishes, prints mounted on canvas or mounting board, etc., are available at additional cost.

8 wallets
4 X 5 and 4 X 6
5 X 7
8 X 10
8 X 12
11 X 14
16 X 20
20 X 24
24 X 30
30 X 40
$ 15.00 each from same negative.*
$ 10.00 each.*
$ 25.00 each.*
$ 35.00 each.
$ 40.00 each.
$ 50.00 each.
$ 85.00 each.
$100.00 each.
$150.00 each.
$185.00 each .
*In the case of aerial photos and portraits (except for event portraits), this size is only sold if a print from the same image of at least an 8 X 10 inch dimension is also purchased.

NOTE: Prices are subject to change without notice.

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