Flight Instruction

airplane The Orchard Photo photographer is a Certified Instrument Flight Instructor in single engine land and sea and multiengine land airplanes. The following services are offered in either the client’s airplane or in a rented one.

The question of how many hours is required to “solo” or for a certificate or rating is frequently asked. There are certain areas of knowledge and flight competence the client must demonstrate before soloing. Most persons need a minimum of 8 to 10 hours of flight training to adequately master the needed areas of competence.

The recreational pilot certificate requires 30 hours of flight training time. After receiving this certificate, the pilot may operate aircraft and carry one passenger with certain restrictions. Most people would not get this rating in 30 hours. Thirty-five to 40 hours would be a more reasonable estimate. It is the instructor’s opinion that most persons who wish to fly should obtain the private pilot certificate since it doesn’t require much more work to get and the privileges that go with it are significantly greater.

twinstarr The holder of a private pilot certificate is authorized to carry passengers, fly at night and operate in various types of controlled airspace. The private pilot is not authorized to pilot an aircraft for hire but can share certain flying expenses with passengers and use the aircraft for business trips. The FAA requires 40 hours of flight training to obtain this certificate but most persons have 60 to 70 hours. Of the 40 required hours, 20 to 30 hours are with an instructor. The private pilot can add an instrument rating or upgrade to a commercial certificate with additional training.

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