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Some of the art on this web site was painted by the San or Bushmen of South Africa hundreds and even thousands of years ago on rock. Some of the rare paintings include that of a Quagga (Equus quagga), Aloe ferox. San rock painting is thought to have started about 25,000 years ago and ended about 100 years ago. The examples on this site are estimated to date from 150 to about 1,600 years ago.

For more art photos use the SEARCH PAGE and enter key words such as art, field art, towel art, etc. Unfortunately, if you just enter art, not only will you get art photographs but also photos of McARThur, OH, WARThogs and other words that contain ART. To eliminate unwanted photographs from the search enter a more specific term or use an “and” search and enter a search phrase such as “art and Norway.” It’s also possible to use an “or” search but I haven’t found this feature too useful..

This painting shows a Bushman with an erect penis.
This isn’t so strange when you know that an anatomical
characteristic of a Bushman is that the male’s penis is always semi-erect.
The females tend to have large buttocks that protrude in back and almost
form a flat shelf. This feature is seen on the figure in front with some

The older San or Bushmen paintings are not as
detailed as the newer ones. These date from about 600 to 1,600 years
ago and are in the “khoe” or “khoi” style.

This Bushman rock painting dates from about 150
to 600 years ago.

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